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Synthetic Materials

Apeco offers the ultimate synthetic materials in the industry, whether you require PU or PVC coated products. Some of our synthetic materials include:

• PU Foil. This product is utilised for lamination purposes.
• Breathable and absorbent linings i.e. Cambrelle® and Drilex®
• Unsupported PVC. This is recommended for laminators, cooler bags, belts, protective wear and labelling.
• Lycra stretch fabrics. This material is popular for footwear and clothing.
• PVC coated non-woven/ textiles. This material is popular for upholstery, sport shoes, optical cases and protective wear.
• Quality microfiber fabrics, great for footwear, automotive, labelling and upholstery.
• PU coated non-wovens/ coagulates/ textiles for pleather.
• PU Nubuck popular for footwear, bags and high tech products.
• Synthetic Suide materials.